Friday, April 22, 2016

FREE Workplace Cartoon Collection

Free Workplace Cartoon Collection. Great for memos, newsletters, bulletin boards and staff in-service NO EMAIL REQUIRED

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

22 Ways to Improve Your People Skills

22 Ways to Improve Your People Skills

Expert Author Mike Moore
1. Develop an interest in people and become other oriented.
2. Know what people need and then try to meet those needs.
3. Ask about their family and be genuinely interested in their answer.
4. Find people doing something right and praise them generously.
5. Believe in the collective wisdom of the group.
6. Talk in terms of a person's main interest....THEMSELVES.
7. Always look directly at the person you are speaking to.

8. Laugh at yourself. When you do you give people permission to laugh at themselves.
9. Start believing that people are your most valuable resource.
10.Always give credit, don't take credit.
11.Care about the health and well being of people.
12. When you must correct another person always do so gently and in private.
13. Always give another person the benefit of the doubt.
14. Never treat people like numbers or things.
15. Learn and use their first names.
16. Never give the impression that you are too busy or rushed to care.
17. Never use sarcasm in conversation. It's a low form of humor and can be hurtful.
18. Never try to make yourself look good by making someone else look bad.

19. Share cute, funny, clean stories with those you work with and invite them to do likewise.
20. Laugh and play together as a group. There is a bonding power in laughter and play.
21.When you do or say something hurtful always be big enough to apologize. " I'm sorry " is one of the most powerful phrases in any language
22. Smile. There is power in a smile and life is just too short not to.
These are from my manual, " Up Your People Skills" (101 Ways to Become a People Person)
Mike Moore speaks and writes on Humor and Human Relationships.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Health Care Cartoons


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