Monday, November 17, 2014

New Business Cartoon

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tips for Fantastic Wedding Toasts and Speeches

I wrote this report because I was tired of attending wedding receptions and listening to toasts and speeches that were often offensive, far too long, filled with inside jokes that only the wedding party understood and delivered by half in the bag  people in a locker room style.
I thought that I, as a speaker, could offer ideas and suggestions to improve the situation significantly.

In this special report I have  included every possible player in the wedding reception process.  You will find tips pertaining to...

* The role of  Master/ Mistress of Ceremonies,

* How to select an MC,

* How to deliver a dynamite speech.

* How to insert humor into your speech

* How to propose terrific toasts.

*  Examples are also provided for your use

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Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Mystical Power of Moonlight Mike Moore

Last night I stood in the front window overlooking the golf course and beheld the full moon in all its mystery and magic. The words of Sophocles came to my mind as I  gazed at the moon through the leafless trees.

" Mortal I am...short lived, yet whenever I stand beneath a multitude of swirling stars I no longer tread this earth but rise to feast with God and enjoy the food of the immortals."

With these words resting in mind I say goodnight to the world with overwhelming gratitude to its Creator, wish all who walk gently on its surface love and peace and  go off to bed. "Perchance to dream."

Sunday, November 02, 2014

15 Strategies on How to Use Appreciation and Praise to Improve Your Relationships

While doing some research for a seminar on maximizing human potential I came upon this interesting piece of information. Appreciation and praise are more powerful motivators in the lives of people than sex and money. I always knew that appreciation and praise were powerful motivators, but I didn't realize just how powerful. More than sex and money?????

Here are 15 strategies to help you improve your relationships and start on your journey to achieve your unlimited and untapped social potential.
1. Listen more than you talk. There is nothing more affirming than the undivided attention of another.

2. Always use the first name of the person you are addressing.

3. Be polite and respectful.

4. Ask for solutions to job-related problems and then use the suggestions given.

5. Don't give orders. Ask nicely.

6. Be positive.

7.  Be generous with encouragement and affirmation. If you find it difficult to express affirmation and encouragement face to face then write notes of appreciation.

8. Apologize when you have been impatient, sarcastic etc. It will happen. You're only human.

9. Always correct someone in private and never when angry.                                                       

10. Give credit; don't take credit.

11. Laugh with the people you work with.

12. Keep your people informed.

13. Be flexible.

14. Ask about their lives outside of work. Ask about their children, hobbies etc. There is a huge difference between being interested and prying.

15. Smile a lot. There is great bonding power in a smile.

This is a small sample from  my popular ebook " Unleash Your Potential" ( The Art of Confident Living)   To check out the entire e-book visit here

New Cartoon: Hiring / Facebook photo

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

My Island of Peace in a Chaotic World

As many of you know I earn my living speaking throughout Canada and the USA on Humour and Human Wellness. Frequently I get so wrapped up in my work that I have to stop and take my own advice. I have to stop and smell the roses.

That's what I did recently in one of the most beautiful and relaxing settings on earth for me... a friend's farm in the heart of Ontario Canada's Ottawa Valley.

I sat out on their deck one morning overlooking the valley as the morning sun gently caressed the meadow and a mother bluebird eagerly fed her young at one of the bluebird boxes rimming the field. As I sat there soaking up the peace and solitude I became acutely aware of a different rhythm, one of calmness and oneness with the natural world.

I was reminded of the words of Sigurd Olson, the nature writer, who once said that we all need listening points on the earth where we can slow down and listen to the rhythms of the universe.

This pleasant farm near the little country town of Beachburg Ontario is one of my listening points. It's a place filled with fond memories of country music jam sessions, shared laughter and shared pain.

It is also a place of peace, hope and comfort as the stillness of the valley eagerly wraps it arms around those who take time to rest and receive the message that life indeed is good and love is abundant and eternal.